Thermal Relaxation in Concrete Structures


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Title: Thermal Relaxation in Concrete Structures

Author(s): Jim Pajuhesh

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 73

Issue: 9

Appears on pages(s): 522-525

Keywords: cracking (fracturing): deformation; loads (forces) : modlus of elasticity: nuclear reactor containment:reinforced concrete: reinforcinq steels: relaxation (mechan-ics);strains: stress-strain relationships: stresses: ;structural analysis; tensile stresses.

Date: 9/1/1976

A solution is developed to investigate the cracking, thermal relaxation, and resulting strains and stresses in a given reinforced concrete section under any specified temperature distribution and any combination of force and moment, The thermal relaxation is based on the choice of various porsibilities for structural behavior under thermal loading. The options considered include the condition of free expansion or rotation, complete restraint against either or both, as well as the general case of a given combination of two types of effects: a set of force and moment to be sustained and unaffected by cracking, and a specified set of middle surface strain and curvature with the corresponding force and moment relaxed through concrete cracking and plasticity. The criteria and equations for review of the section and evaluation of thermal relaxation are presented for parabolic concrete stress-strain relation. Other possibilities can be treated in a similar fashion.