Studies on Ferrocement Containing Silica Fume


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Title: Studies on Ferrocement Containing Silica Fume

Author(s): M. Tamai and T. Takaya

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 153


Appears on pages(s): 845-862

Keywords: concretes; ferrocement; modulus of elasticity; silica fume; strength; superplasticizers; tensile strength; toughness; welded wire fabric; Materials Research

Date: 6/1/1995

Ferrocement is a form of reinforced concrete using closely spaced multiple layers of mesh and/or small-diameter rods completely infiltrated with, or encapsulated in, mortar. The presence of wire mesh reinforcement in ferrocement improves crack resistance, ultimate strength, and toughness. In recent years, due to increased awareness of the need for conservation of non- renewable tropical forest resources, increased consideration is being given to the use of ferrocement as a substitute for wood. In this paper, mechanical properties of thin ferrocement plates (10-mm thickness) made of cement mortar mixed with silica fume as a matrix and two kinds of wire mesh as reinforcement were investigated. The effects of the reinforcement arrangements on strength and deformational characteristics of ferrocement in direct tension and simple bending were studied experimentally. Test results indicate that ferrocement containing silica fume has higher workability and did not segregate in fresh state. The tests show higher ultimate strength, as well as toughness, compared with the normal ferrocement.