High Reactivity Metakaolin (HRM) for High Performance Concrete


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Title: High Reactivity Metakaolin (HRM) for High Performance Concrete

Author(s): M. A. Caldarone and K. A. Gruber

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 153


Appears on pages(s): 815-828

Keywords: chlorides; compressive strength; permeability; pozzolans; silica fume; Materials Research

Date: 6/1/1995

Hgh Reactivity Metakaolin (HRM) is produced by controlled thermal activation of purified kaolinite, an aluminosilicate mineral, to a reactive, amorphous state. HRM, being pozzolanic, reacts with free lime (Ca(OH) 2), a byproduct of portland cement hydration. In this investigation, two high- performance concrete mixtures containing HRM were studied. In the first mixture proportion, HRM was formulated as an addition to the cement. In the second mixture, HRM was used as a cement replacement. The compressive strength and rapid chloride permeability of the HRM concretes was compared to nonpozzolanic concrete controls and concretes that contained equal amounts of silica fume. The results of this study show that the strength and impermeability of HRM concrete is significantly higher than nonpozzolanic concrete. The HRM concrete showed properties equivalent to similar silica fume (SF) concretes, while using significantly less superplasticizer to reach an equivalent consistency.