Properties and Application of Oil Shale Ash


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Title: Properties and Application of Oil Shale Ash

Author(s): A. Bentur, M. Ish-Shalom, M. Ben-Bassat, and T. Grinberg

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 91


Appears on pages(s): 779-802

Keywords: ashes; blended cements; chemical analysis; concretes; oil shale; physical properties; portland cements; workability.

Date: 2/1/1986

In recent years there has been a renewed interest in the utilization of oil shales as a source for energy production and this was accompanied by research and development aimed at finding ways to utilize the ash by-product as a building material. The present paper discusses the various types of oil shale ash and their possible applications, and reviews recent studies carried out in Israel to utilize the cementitious characteristics of oil shale ash. The composition and properties of the oil shale ash can vary widely, ranging from high SiO2 materials which are only pozzolanic in nature, to higher CaO oil shale ash which can be hydraulic and can serve as a cementitious matrix without any need for an activator. Therefore, each type of oil shale ash must be evaluated separately. The experience and knowhow gained in the application of one kind of oil shale ash may not be relevant to others. This is considerably different than with other residues, such as fly ash, which do not exhibit this extent of variable properties.