Pozzolanic Activity and Characteristics of Colombian Materials


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Title: Pozzolanic Activity and Characteristics of Colombian Materials

Author(s): Silvio Delvasto

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 91


Appears on pages(s): 77-90

Keywords: binders (materials); calcination; clays; coal; com-pressive strength; curing; diatomaceous earth; fly ash; mortars (material); pozzolans.

Date: 2/1/1986

The effect on the properties of portland cement binders due to the addition of volcanic tuff, calcined clay, fly ash, coarse coal bottom ash and diatomaceous earth, are compared and evaluated for pozzolanic activity. Durability studies carried out for two years on mortars with addition of fly ash, in different aggressive environments, are also reported. Volcanic tuff is a highly reactive pozzolan, fly ash yields compressive strengths higher than the control after 60 days. The calcined clay reactivity is proportional to the calcination temperature. Coarse coal bottom ash has a pozzolanic activity similar to the calcined clay. Diatomaceous earth failed to produce pozzolanic activity.