Concrete Structure and Protection of Steel Reinforcement


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Title: Concrete Structure and Protection of Steel Reinforcement

Author(s): V. Ukraincik and D. Bjegovic

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 131


Appears on pages(s): 21-32

Keywords: Absorption; corrosion; cover; diffusion; durability; physical properties; porosity; reinforced concrete; structural design

Date: 3/1/1992

The greatest threat to the durability of reinforced concrete structures is the reinforcement corrosion. The paper presents the importance of the concrete protective cover and the conditions causing the reinforcement corrosion under the action of chlorides and carbonic acid. Processes of absorption, diffusion and flow, i.e. of transport of media through concrete depend on the pore system and the amount of water in the pores.Physical laws describing the penetration of aggressive agents into concre-te can serve as a basis for engineering calculations of reinforcement durability in the concrete as well as for the designing of the concrete cover. Physical laws and corresponding material parametars are briefly reviewed in the paper. For engineering purposes, in calculating the durability, four typical tasks can be solved. The processes of degradation depend on the pore system in the concrete structure, and the paper indicates some possible technological measures of structure modifications.