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Title: Design and Construction of the Vancouver SkyTrain

Author(s): J. Mandelli and A. Popoff

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 93


Appears on pages(s): 361-388

Keywords: box beams; concrete construction; costs; puideways; inserts; precast concrete; prestressed concrete; rapid transit railways; structural design; tolerances (mechanics) '

Date: 9/1/1986

The Vancouver SkyTrain guideway structures employ concrete beams precast in full-span lengths, with vertical and horizontal curvature and variable superelevation to follow the precise track trajectory. Tangent and curved structures, special structures, and structures containing spans of up to 45 m utilize the same trapezoidal beam. Approximately 300 inserts were placed in the deck and sidewalls of each beam during concreting operations. The trackwork, the linear induc-tion motor, and other subsystems were attached directly to the precast beams through these inserts without a second concrete pour. Construction of the Vancouver SkyTrain was preceded by simul-taneous development of vehicle and guideway technologies and the construction of a 1.1-km elevated guideway section that was used to demonstrate the operational characteristics of the system and confirm its constructability. This paper describes the guideway structure, reviews its design and construction, and presents an overview of the construction schedule and costs.


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