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Title: Shear Strength of Concrete with Recycled Aggregates Reinforced with Steel Fibers

Author(s): Juliana Trindade, Sergio Luis Garcia, and Humberto Torres

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 118

Issue: 5

Appears on pages(s): 185-198

Keywords: push-off test; recycled aggregates; shear; steel fibers

Date: 9/1/2021

This study investigated the friction shear behavior of concrete consisting of recycled aggregates and natural reinforced steel fibers. The concrete’s natural aggregates were 50% substituted for recycled ones. The addition of steel fibers was evaluated in two different percentages in volume: 0.5 and 1.0%. Thus, 27 non-cracked push-off specimens were produced. The recycled aggregates were separated into two groups according to the strength of the original concrete: Group 1 (15 to 20 MPa) and Group 2 (35 to 40 MPa). Data analysis showed that the concrete’s original strength and steel fiber percentage influenced the shear transfer capacity. Experimental data from natural concrete (NC) and high-strength concrete (HSC) with steel fibers tests performed using the push-off model and shear test methods were recompiled from the technical literature. Using models proposed by some researchers, it was concluded that both methods showed high dispersion in results.


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