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Title: Seismic Performance and Multi-Scale Model of Damage Evolution for Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures

Author(s): Yao-Rong Dong, Zhao-Dong Xu, Ye-Shou Xu, Sarwar Waseem, and Qiang-Qiang Li

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 118

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 3-15

Keywords: axial load ratio; cross-scale transformation; damage evolution; multiscale model; reinforced concrete frames; seismic behavior

Date: 3/1/2021

In this paper, the influence of axial load on the seismic behavior of reinforced concrete frame structures is assessed, and the damage of reinforced concrete frame structures observed in seismic response is reproduced. Ten reinforced concrete frames with different axial load ratios were analyzed. The seismic behaviors of reinforced concrete frames such as load-displacement curves, ductility performance, stiffness degradation, and energy dissipation capacity were studied. It was observed that the seismic behavior of reinforced concrete frame structures is significantly influenced by axial load ratio. Then, the qualitative and quantitative relationship between material damage development and member performance deterioration was researched. The research realized the cross-scale transformation of damage information from local material scale to member scale for reinforced concrete frame structures. Further, a multiscale refinement model for the damage evolution of reinforced concrete frames throughout the process was established, simplified, and validated. The suggested refinement model can simply and accurately describe the development and distribution of damage evolution throughout the process for reinforced concrete frames. The analysis conclusions can provide theoretical basis for refinement seismic design, damage evaluation, and repair of reinforced concrete frame structures.


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