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Title: Similarity of Chloride Diffusivity of Concrete Exposed to Different Environments

Author(s): Jun-Zhi Zhang, Xiao-Yun Zhou, Jing Zhao, Meng Wang, Yan-Hong Gao, and Yu-Rong Zhang

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 117

Issue: 5

Appears on pages(s): 27-37

Keywords: chloride; instantaneous diffusion coefficient; similarity; simulated environment

Date: 9/1/2020

According to the main meteorological parameters and chloride concentration of field exposure tests, indoor artificial climate and dry-wet cycle simulated tests were designed to investigate the similarity of apparent and instantaneous diffusion coefficients in different ambient environments. Results show that chloride diffusion coefficients increased with water-cement ratio (w/c) and decreased with exposure time, regardless of the environment. Besides, instantaneous diffusion coefficients are all less than the corresponding apparent diffusion coefficients; their differences decrease with the increasing of w/c and show first a decrease and then gradually an increasing trend with exposure time. Environmental factors have little effect on the similarity constant of instantaneous diffusion coefficients. A quadratic function can be used to describe the relationship between age reduction factors of apparent and instantaneous diffusion coefficients and w/c in different environments. According to the Second Similarity Theorem, specimens exposed to a natural tidal environment for 240 days can be simulated by that exposed to an artificial climate simulated environment for 80 days effectively.


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