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Title: Mechanical Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Alkali- Activated Composites for Repair Applications

Author(s): Adeyemi Adesina and Sreekanta Das

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 118

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 139-145

Keywords: alkali-activated composite; cementitious composites; fiberreinforced composites; mechanical properties; repair

Date: 1/1/2021

The use of cementitious composites reinforced with fibers as repair materials for concrete pavements is gaining huge attention recently due to their enhanced mechanical and durability properties. However, the use of portland cement as the main binder of these composites still poses a serious sustainability issue. The production of portland cement has been associated with the high use of raw materials and the emission of carbon dioxide into the environment. On the other hand, alkali-activated binders exist that are capable of eliminating portland cement totally. However, the activators currently used to activate these types of materials are expensive and extremely corrosive. Therefore, this study used hydrated lime, which is a less expensive, less corrosive, and eco-friendly alternative activator to produced fiber-reinforced alkali-activated composites for repair applications. The mechanical performance of the developed composites was evaluated in terms of its compressive and flexural properties, as these properties are critical to the performance of repair materials. Results from this study showed that fiber-reinforced composites produced with an eco-friendly binder exhibited excellent mechanical performance suited for various repair applications. Microstructural investigations were also carried out on the evaluated mixtures to determine the microstructural properties of the developed mixtures.


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