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Title: Multifunction Green Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures for Mortar under Chloride Environment

Author(s): Yu Jiang, Gang Xu, Zhipeng Li, and Xianming Shi

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 336


Appears on pages(s): 54-72

Keywords: green corrosion inhibitor, chloride induced corrosion, setting time, flowability, water absorption, gas permeability, EIS, LPR

Date: 12/11/2019

In this study, we tested compressive strength, rheology, initial setting time and transport properties of mortar samples mixed with green corrosion-inhibiting admixtures were tested. Four types of green corrosion inhibitors were adopted, which were extracted from peony leave, Kentucky blue grass, sugar beet leave and dandelion. All of them affected the compressive strength adversely but improved other properties of mortar samples. Resistance of mortar to chloride induced corrosion was evaluated using open circuit potential (OCP), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and linear polarization resistance (LPR) techniques. The results indicated that these green corrosion-inhibiting admixtures provided promising inhibiting performance under chloride environment. The results also suggested these green corrosion-inhibitors have the potential to be used as multifunction corrosion inhibitors for concrete, such as serving as water reducer and set retarder. Future work would focus on chemical mechanism of green corrosion inhibitors and the comparative evaluation of these green corrosion inhibitors with other commercially available corrosion inhibitors.


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