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Title: Domestic Sewage as Mixing Water in Concrete

Author(s): 0. Z. Cebeci and A. M. Saatci

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 86

Issue: 5

Appears on pages(s): 503-506

Keywords: air entrainment; concretes; distilled water; impurities; mortars (ma-terial); setting (hardening); sewage treatment; specifications; strength; wastes; waste treatment; water.

Date: 9/1/1989

Reviews of the characteristics of domestic sewage and refinement in its composition upon biological treatment imply its suitability for use in concrete technology. A typical domestic sewage was characterized and used in this study as mixing water. Setting time, air content, specific gravity, and strength tests were performed on cement paste, mortar, and concrete specimens. The results, when compared with the results of reference specimens made with distilled water, showed that untreated domestic sewage increases the initial setting time, entrains air, and reduces the strength of mortar and concrete, and therefore is not recommended for use in concrete technology. However, average biologically treated domestic wastewater is indistinguishable from distilled water when used as mixing water.


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