Effect of Timing of Curing Compound Application on Scaling Resistance of Concrete


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Title: Effect of Timing of Curing Compound Application on Scaling Resistance of Concrete

Author(s): Le T. Pham, Samuel R. Helgeson, and Steven M. Cramer

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 115

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 833-843

Keywords: bleeding; curing compound; deicer; freezing-and-thawing resistance; pavement; scaling; wait time

Date: 11/1/2018

An experimental investigation of the effect of the wait time between finishing of the concrete surface and application of the curing compound on concrete scaling resistance was conducted. Test variables included type of curing compound, wait time, cementitious material, and type of coarse aggregate. The results indicate that the influence of timing of curing compound application on the scaling resistance of concrete can be significant and depends on the selected compound and characteristics of the concrete mixture. In actual practice, other factors such as temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed also likely come into play. For the linseed oil- and acrylic-based curing compounds, scaling resistance improved with an increase in wait time. The poly-alpha-methylstyrene-based curing compound was generally insensitive to wait time. Increasing wait time for the wax-based curing compound did not consistently yield improved scaling resistance.