SPEC-308.1-23: External Curing of Cast-in-Place Concrete—Specification


This Reference Specification provides requirements for curing concrete that the Architect/Engineer can apply to any construction project by citing it in the Project Specification. Checklists are provided to assist the Architect/Engineer in supplementing the provisions of this Reference Specification as needed by designating or specifying customized project requirements. This Specification provides requirements for various methods for the external curing of concrete. These methods are not necessarily equal in effectiveness, cost, effect on project schedule, or impact on other aspects of the project. Provisions governing initial, final, and termination of curing are included. This Specification addresses external curing methods applied after placement of cast-in-place concrete. While internal curing (use of saturated lightweight aggregate or other materials to provide supplemental water) and accelerated curing (heat curing) shall also use external curing methods, not all aspects of internal and accelerated curing are included.

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