PRC-440.10-21: Fire Resistance of FRP-Strengthened Concrete Members - TechNote


The use of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials to strengthen concrete members is an accepted technology. In many applications, performance of FRP-strengthened members during exposure to fire remains a significant concern to design professionals, building officials, and owners. The objective of this TechNote is to provide a brief overview of key concepts, code provisions, and industry guidelines relating to the structural performance of FRP-strengthened members during a fire event.

Research findings regarding the performance of FRP-strengthened members during exposure to fire have been published by Williams et al. (2008). However, design examples and guidance regarding the performance of externally bonded FRP during exposure to fire are not widely available. In addition, differences in the design approaches and load combinations used by the steel and concrete industries, combined with the relatively recent emergence of FRP fire protection systems, have created challenges for practicing engineers tasked with assessing the structural fire resistance of FRP-strengthened members.

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