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239R-18 Ultra-High-Performance Concrete: An Emerging Technology Report


ACI encourages the development and appropriate use of new and emerging technologies through the publication of Emerging Technology Reports. These documents present information and recommendations based on available test data, technical reports, limited experience with field applications, and the opinions of committee members. The presented information and recommendations, and their basis, may not be as extensively developed and tested as those for more mature technologies. This report identifies areas in which information is believed to be less fully developed and describes related research needs. The professional using this document should understand the limitations of this document and exercise judgment as to the appropriate application of this emerging technology. This emerging technology report gives an overview of ultra-high-performance concrete. It briefly introduces the production of these concretes, their properties, design principles for their use, and example applications. It is not intended to be an exhaustive document, but rather to serve as a starting point for the concrete practitioner on understanding this class of materials.

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