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Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Ultra-High Performan

June 1, 2021 to June 1, 2021
Starting Time:   1 PM  EST
End Time:   2 PM  EST

Sponsor(s): American Concrete Institute

The webinar will provide the fundamentals of the mechanical behaviour of fiber-reinforced concrete and cementitious composites. Focus will be on how the post-cracking toughness obtainable through dispersed fiber-reinforcement is the key, when suitably incorporated into material concept and design, to achieve the signature tensile, in case strain hardening, behaviour of Ultra-High Performance Concrete. The webinar will also address material testing and design identification parameters, also presenting techniques for in-situ quality control of, e.g, fiber-dispersion and orientation, which is crucial to the achievement of the intended performance of material and structural applications. Durability-related issues, especially focused on service cracked state, will be reviewed. Finally, structural design approaches will be presented for this category of materials, according to the most recent ACI and international (fib) guidelines and codes.
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