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Seawater-Mixed Concrete: A new class of sustainabl

August 6, 2020 to August 6, 2020
Starting Time:   8 AM EST
End Time:   10 AM EST

Sponsor(s): American Concrete Institute, University of Miami

Fresh water is a finite resource and it can be scarce in islands, deserts, and in many locations around the world after natural disasters. Considering increasing construction and reconstruction needs, replacing freshwater with seawater for concrete mixing has the potential to lead to a new class of sustainable concrete materials. Since seawater can corrode conventional steel rebar, seawater-mixed concrete should be used either in unreinforced applications or together with non-corrosive reinforcement. The latter possibility becomes more feasible with advances, cost reductions, and greater usage of non-corrosive reinforcement. This webinar consists of talks from ten speakers around the world on several topics of interest related to seawater-mixed concrete. The talks are intended to provide audience with a detailed understanding of the materials science, chemistry, and civil engineering of seawater-mixed concrete and cover topics such as Roman marine concrete, properties of low-CO2 binders mixed with seawater, fresh and hardened properties of seawater-mixed concrete, and performance of non-corrosive reinforcement in seawater-mixed concrete. In addition, field applications of seawater-mixed concrete are also discussed. This webinar will provide audience with an understanding of the state-of-the-art regarding seawater-mixed concrete and how and where it can be used to reduce freshwater consumption by the concrete industry.

• Brief introduction and overview by Prannoy Suraneni, Assistant Professor Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering, University of Miami
• High-Performance Seawater-Mixed Concrete by Tao Yu
• Current Research in Australia on Hybrid Construction Made of Seawater Sea Sand Concrete, FRP and Stainless Steel by Xiao-Ling Zhao
• Durability of RC Structures Made with Seawater by Federica Lollini
• Durability of GFRP in Seawater-Mixed Concrete by Denvid Lau
• Field Applications of Seawater-RC by Antonio Nanni
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