Egg Protection Device Competition

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Egg Protection Device Competition

April 9, 2020 to April 9, 2020
Starting Time:   12:00 AST
End Time:   14:00 AST

Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology
Irbid    Jordan
Sponsor(s): Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology

The students of ACI - Yarmouk University Chapter are planning to host "Egg Protection Device" Competition to be held on Thursday, April 9th 2020 at Yarmouk University. More than 10 universities in Jordan are expected to participate in the competition with more than 15 teams.
The objective of the competition is to design and cast the highest-impact load resistant concrete frame with specific dimensions.
This competition will be considered the most important and competitive among civil engineering departments in Jordan universities so far.
For additional on-line info, click on the link below:

For more information, contact:
Dr Faris Matalkah
Yarmouk University
Shafiq Irshidat st
Irbid    21163    Jordan
Phone: +962795800292


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