Understanding Corrosion of Steel – David Whitmore

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Understanding Corrosion of Steel – David Whitmore

December 3, 2019 to December 3, 2019
Starting Time:   1:00 PM
End Time:   2:00 PM

Sponsor(s): American Concrete Institute

Corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete is a major problem worldwide. Corrosion in all its forms (chloride induced, carbonation, dissimilar metals) can lead to structural damage and concrete deterioration. Evaluation procedures are available to measure corrosion potentials and corrosion rates to better understand the state of the reinforcing steel within a concrete structure. This data is essential to predict the remaining service life and to develop suitable repair methodologies to extend service life.
Many repair techniques are available to fix damage caused by reinforcing steel corrosion. These techniques can vary from localized patch repairs to more holistic repairs which include corrosion mitigation. Understanding the underlying cause of the problem and ensuring the proposed repair methodology addresses the underlying cause is essential for long-term durability.
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