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After completing this brief application, you will have access to the tools, information, and contacts that are specially reserved for ACI Members, including: unprecedented digital access to the Institute’s 200+ practices – including all active guides and reports, and free shipping via USPS media mail on orders in the continental United States. Click here for a complete list of benefits available to members.

If you prefer, you may manually fill out a print version of the Membership application and fax it to +1.248.848.3801 or mail it to ACI, 38800 Country Club Drive, Farmington Hills, MI 48331, USA. For more information, call ACI's Customer Service Department at +1.248.848.3800.

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STUDENT MEMBERSHIP A Student Member shall be a person 28 years of age or less and a registered full-time student at an educational institution. Full-time students over 28 years of age may be granted Student Membership on an annual basis when the request for such classification is endorsed by the student's faculty advisor.

ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIP ($1,100.00/year plus appliciable shipping fees) Includes one format of the ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Specifications and Practices (formerly MCP), a wall plaque, and a subscription to Concrete International, ACI Materials Journal, and ACI Structural Journal.

SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP ($3,900.00/year) ACI Sustaining Members receive all membership benefits of Organizational Members plus a free copy of every new ACI publication and increased corporate exposure, positioning them as a leader in the concrete industry, and much more.


Beginning January 1st, 2018, your membership includes a new digital subscription to the Practices (200+ Guides & Reports) section of the ACI Collection. You also will receive an on-line subscription to Concrete International and online access to both the ACI Structural Journal and the ACI Materials Journal. Please indicate your preference below. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery to countries outside the U.S.

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NEW - Add on the remaining ACI Collection portion of 50+ Concrete Codes and Specifications - Digital Access (1 User License)
Digital subscription to ACI's New & Archived Symposium Papers (1 User License)

NEW ACI University All-Access Digital Subscription (1 User License)
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