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The Role of Silica Fume in Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Concrete

March 7, 2023 to March 7, 2023
Starting Time:   1:00 EST
End Time:   2:00 EST

38800 Country Club Dr
Farmington Hills , MI   United States
Sponsor(s): ACI

Low Carbon Concrete” is the new mantra for our industry, yet many people are unaware that much of the concrete we produce now has a greatly reduced carbon footprint than that of 50 years ago. The factor being that no-one was counting this before. The webinar will look at that point, along with the use of silica fume, especially in conjunction with other SCMs. By improving the overall performance of the concrete – strength and durability parameters – the longevity of the concrete is increased, resulting in less ‘new’ concrete being produced for repairs or rebuilds.

Silica Fume is a key component of multiple blend systems, where the higher reactivity compensates for the slower pozzolanic action of Fly Ash or Slag cement. The synergistic pozzolanic effects in the short and long term mean high performance concrete can be produced with much lower Portland cement contents with a cumulative reduction of the CO2 from each SCM.

Reference projects will be shown where the CO2 levels have been calculated for comparison and where the cost effectiveness is outlined.
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For more information, contact:
Ms Aileen Castelli
American Concrete Institute
38800 Country Club Dr
Farmington Hills, MI    48331-3439    United States
Phone: (248) 848-3157
Fax: (248) 848-3701


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