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The 16th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement 2023

September 18, 2023 to September 22, 2023

Centara Grand Bangkok Convention Centre
Bangkok    Thailand
Sponsor(s): Thailand Concrete Association

The International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement (ICCC) is the renowned global platform which summarizes the state of art of cement chemistry as well as major trends in cement application. Since the first International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement started in London in 1918, it has provided a strong and fruitful link between the academic world and the cement industry. It has always stimulated scientific exchanges and discussions between students and those who have already gained working experience in all of the many field of chemistry relevant to cement production and its use in concrete and mortar. The main focus of the ICCC 2023 will be on “further reduction of CO2 -emissions and circularity in the cement and concrete industry”. The following topics have been proposed: 1.Future of the construction 2.New dimensions in clinker production 3.Advances in hydration chemistry 4.Enhancing clinker substitution / Supplementary Cementitious Materials 5.Advances in characterisation methods & modelling 6.New low carbon cements and carbonatable binders 7.New findings in admixture & rheology 8.New technology for quality concrete 9.Durability & reactive transport 10.Sustainability, circular economy, waste processing and recycling 11.Standardisation of cement and concrete
For additional on-line info, click on the link below:
16th Int'l Congress on Chemistry of Cement 2023

For more information, contact:
Thanakorn Pheeraphan
Thailand Concrete Association
Phone: +66815587525


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