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President’s Series: ACI 314R-16 Guide to Simplifie

August 18, 2020 to August 18, 2020
Starting Time:   1 PM  EST
End Time:   2 PM Eastern EST

Sponsor(s): American Concrete Institute

This guide is intended for the planning, design, and construction of reinforced concrete structures in new low-rise buildings of restricted occupancy, number of stories, and area. The Guide is based ACI 318-14 and ACI IPS-1, “Essential Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Buildings.” The initial drafting of ACI IPS-1 (2002) was motivated by frequent worldwide discussions that reinforced concrete codes might be unnecessarily sophisticated for some applications, such as small low-rise buildings. Although the information presented was developed to produce, when properly used, a reinforced concrete structure with an appropriate margin of safety. For the structure designed by the guide to attain the intended margin of safety, the guide should be used as a whole, and alternative procedures should be used only when explicitly permitted in the guide. The minimum dimensioning prescribed in the guide replace, in most cases, more detailed procedures prescribed in the supporting codes and standards listed in 1.4. This guide presents: (a) Information in the order needed in the course of a design; (b) Explanatory material at appropriate places; (c) Computations only requiring a hand calculator; (d) Graphs and graphical explanations; (e) Design information based on simplified strength models; (f) Other limit states accounted for by minimum dimensions; (g) Conservative loads and simplified analysis guidelines; (h) Simplified geotechnical information to help define soil-bearing capacity; (i) Shear walls as the seismic force-resisting system; and (j) Material and construction guidelines based on commonly available steel grades and medium-strength concrete that can be site mixed.

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