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Resilient Materials 4 Life Intl Conf (RM4L2020)

September 20, 2021 to September 23, 2021
Starting Time:   9:00AM GMT
End Time:   5:00PM GMT

Churchill College
University of Cambridge
Cambridge Wales    United Kingdom
Sponsor(s): Cardiff U, U Bradford, U Cambridge, U Bath

Inspired by the ongoing UKRI-EPSRC-funded Resilient Materials 4 Life
(RM4L) project grant, the RM4L2020 conference brings together relevant aspects of innovative research on cementitious infrastructure materials used in civil engineering applications and provides a forum for the exchange of materials’ research more generally. It will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments in intelligent and autonomous construction materials. The scope of the conference encompasses research, innovation, design and implementation. In particular, the conference will include a number of dedicated sessions on biomimetic materials that have the ability to self-sense, self-immunise, self-heal, self-repair and self-adapt. The RM4L2020 conference topics are organised accordingto 4 main themes: biomimetic materials, material sensing and diagnostics, multi-functional materials and intelligent materials. Within the main themes are the following subthemes:
experimental and numerical research, real- world application and material manufacture. The conference will focus on materials that are relevant to the construction industry.
For additional on-line info, click on the link below:
RM4L2020 International Conference

For more information, contact:
Dr Riccardo Maddalena
Cardiff University
Cardiff Wales    CF10 3AT    United Kingdom


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