Technologies to Reduce Shrinkage and Cracking

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Technologies to Reduce Shrinkage and Cracking

March 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020
Starting Time:   12:00 AM EST
End Time:   12:00 AM EST

ACI Fall 2020 Concrete Convention and Exposition
Raleigh , NC   United States
Sponsor(s): ACI Committees 224 & 231

Technical session on “Technologies to Reduce Shrinkage and Cracking” at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – October 25-29, 2020, in Raleigh, NC; sponsored by ACI Committee 224, Cracking and ACI Committee 231, Properties of Concrete at Early Ages.
Solicited: ACI Committees 224 and 231 are inviting interested individuals to present research and/or case studies related to shrinkage reduction technologies as measures to reduce cracking in concrete structures. Interested individuals should submit the following information no later than June 30, 2020:
1) presentation title,
2) author/speaker name(s), title, organization, and contact information,
3) an abstract of 200 words or fewer, with an optional relevant figure.
Interested presenters should submit this information to James Lafikes,
Presenters will be chosen by selected members of Committees 224 and 231 and notified no later than July 2, 2020.
For additional on-line info, click on the link below:

For more information, contact:
James Lafikes
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS    66045    United States
Phone: 3144012911


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