Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures

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Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures

April 30, 2020 to April 30, 2020
Starting Time:   8 am 
End Time:   submission deadline 

Thirteenth International Conference on Superplasti
Milan    Italy
Sponsor(s): Italy Chapter – ACI

Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures in Concrete
Meeting: Thirteenth International Conference on Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures in Concrete, November 1-3, 2021, Milan, Italy; organized by the Italy Chapter – ACI and sponsored by ACI.
Solicited: Original papers are invited to be presented at the conference and to be included in the refereed proceedings. Papers on current research will be accepted for presentation and inclusion in a volume of supplementary papers. Papers on research that has just started can be presented as posters. Conference topics will include chemistry of superplasticizers, also known as high-range water-reducing admixtures (HRWRAs); HRWRA compatibility with cements, blended cements, and aggregates; compatibility issues involving HRWRAs and other chemical admixtures; development and applications of other chemical admixtures; viscosity modifying for new binders; corrosion inhibitors; shrinkage-reducing admixtures; expansive admixtures; polymers in concretes; chemical admixtures for ready mixed mortars and precast concretes; testing methods and standard advancement; chemical admixtures and sustainable development; and case histories. The conference proceedings will be published as an ACl Special Publication (SCOPUS indexed).
Requirements: 1) author name(s), affiliations, and mailing address; 2) if more than one author, indicate who will be the corresponding author; and 3) abstract with a maximum length of 300 words, submitted to http:
Deadline: Abstracts are due by April 30, 2020.
Contact: Direct questions to Valentina Trinchese, Italy Chapter – ACI Secretary,
For additional on-line info, click on the link below:

For more information, contact:
Valentina Trinchese
Italy Chapter – ACI Secretary
Naples    Italy
Phone: na
Fax: na


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