Concrete Industry Calendar

Advances in Concrete Technology and Sustainability

November 3, 2021 to November 3, 2021
Starting Time:   0800 
End Time:   1600 

Michelangelo Hotel
Piazza Luigi di Savoia 6
Milan    Italy
Sponsor(s): AIMAT, AICAP, Mapei, and BASF Italy

The main objectives of the conference concern the progress in the areas of concrete technology and sustainability in construction materials. The advances in concrete technology include: the deterioration of concrete structures; the corrosion of metallic reinforcements; the repair techniques of damaged concrete structures by using shrinkage-compensating cement-based mixtures; the protection of concrete structures by special materials to obtain water-tight concrete; the reduction in the damage caused by alkali-silica reaction; use of mineral additions such as fly ash, silica fume and ground blast-furnace slag to improve the durability of concrete structures. The sustainability issues include all the subjects concerning the production of concrete by reducing the gas emission in the environment and the reduction in the amount of the fuel to heat the kiln for the clinker production such as the use of binders alternative to Portland cement (alkali activated materials, geopolymers, sulphoaluminate cement) and recycling of wastes coming from different sources.
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For more information, contact:
Mr Luigi Coppola
University of Naples Federico II
Via Claudio n. 21
Milan    Italy
Phone: 39 035 2052030


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