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H=Hyatt Regency Dallas; U=Union Station

Excellence Awards - Project Presentation

Tuesday, October 25, 2022  11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, H-Reunion B

Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards - Project Winner Presentations. First and second place winners of the Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards program will give a presentation on their winning project.
Learning Objectives:
(1) Develop an increased understanding of recent concrete design and innovations through exploration of the winning projects in the Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards;
(2) Discuss the ever-evolving economic, environmental and aesthetic demands that go along with concrete construction through an in-depth examination of the winning Excellence in Concrete Construction Award projects;
(3) Discuss the challenges and benefits related to concrete construction through an examination of recently completed projects that have won the Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards;
(4) Develop an increased understanding of the innovation and technological advances by looking at the project winners of the Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards that have inspired excellence in concrete design and construction around the world.

This session has been AIA/ICC approved for 2 CEU/PDH credits.

SCG-CPAC Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete Bridge

Presented By: Kritsada Sisomphon
Affiliation: The Concrete Products and Aggregate
Description: In 2021, the first post-tensioned UHPC bridge in Thailand has been erected at the SCG Headquarter, Bangkok. The concept of architectural design was a low arch-shape with a limited height at mid-span to no larger than about 1.25 m., while the clear span length was approximately 28 m. Owing to a small height-to-span ratio, the foundation on both sides must be encountered to extremely high lateral forces from arching action. To overcome both architectural and engineering challenges, the bridge was re-designed by using two cantilever curved girders extending horizontally from each side of abutment. Therefore, the horizontal forces acting on both abutments have been eliminated. However, as such long cantilever beams, both girders must resist a high bending moment. The SCG-UHPC material which has a compressive strength of 150 MPa was used for manufacturing the girders. Due to a high flexural strength and flexural hardening behaviors of UHPC, no rebar was used in thin slab decks, which had a thickness between 25-75 mm. With these superior performances, aforementioned UHPC offers the next breakthrough technology in the construction industry.

Building 100 Above the Park

Presented By: Daniel Gorla
Affiliation: Concrete Strategies
Description: Concrete Strategies will describe some of the unique and challenging aspects of the 100 Above the Park project specifically related to the concrete construction.

Restore and Reuse the Old Fruit and Vegetable Market of Genoa - Mercato di Corso Sardegna

Presented By: Agostino Molfino
Description: The project is a refurbishment of the fruit and vegetables market in Genoa (Italy), located in Corso Sardegna and it involves an extension of 23,000 square meters. The market was built in 1926, with a rectangular floor plan with perimeter buildings organized in warehouses, arcades, and canopies for the display of goods. Some of the buildings are listed buildings. The project consists in the refurbishment of some buildings, in particular the perimeter blocks and the listed buildings. Four buildings are demolished to create a new neighborhood park. The main target of this project is to maintain the image of the market space, preserving the material integrity of the surfaces and the unity of the development, and to refurbish all the historical buildings. The structural design is aiming at improving the seismic behavior of the existing structure, while maintaining structural and architectural integrity, with particular attention on choosing adequate materials to improve the locale resistance of the members, respecting architectural forms and proportions. The new neighborhood park is emphasizing a mix of uses for the public users and comfortable layouts and fit out. A new glass roof extends over a portion of the public spaces, increasing the comfort of pedestrians during the winter.

Brossard Aquatic Complex

Presented By: Steve Godin
Affiliation: CIMA
Description: Located in Brossard, Qc, Ca, the Multipurpose Centre comprises two indoor pools: one 50 meters competition pool with 10 lanes which has 1- to 5-meter-high concrete diving platforms, and one recreational pool with 5 lanes, spray foundations and a waterslide. The footprint of the building is approximately 5,350 m² and is built over two stories. The building is a mixed concrete/steel construction, with a steel roof, a concrete floor, and concrete pools. The project was completed using slightly more than 5,000 m³ of concrete. This presentation will give a short overview of the project and the challenges faced in the design process.

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge Across the River Barrow, New Ross, Ireland

Presented By: Guillermo Ayuso
Affiliation: Carlos Fernandez Casado S.L.
Description: The design and construction of the RFK Bridge across the River Barrow is being presented. The bridge is 887 (2910 ft) long including a four-span and three-tower extrados bridge with equal 230 m (755 ft) long main spans. The structure is impressive in scale and slenderness. It holds multiple records, including the longest concrete extradosed spans in the world and, during construction, the longest balanced cantilever for concrete deck extradosed bridges in the world. The three towers have different heights: the central tower is slightly higher but only 27 m (89 ft) tall, and the lateral ones are 16 m (52 ft); while the deck has deck slenderness of L/65 at midspan, L/35 at the lateral towers, and L/27 at the central support. The bridge blends into the gentle hilly landscape of the southeast of Ireland, minimizing the visual and environmental impact on the Barrow. Its asemmetry and slenderness provide an iconic, distinctive profile that has already become a symbol of engineering ingenuity. The deck, of a single box with the appearance of closed cross section, blending in-place cast and precast elements, consciously designed as a full concrete deck to minimize maintenance, carries a dual motorway and ensures safe fluvial ship traffic crossing the river with a vertical clearance of 36 m (118 ft).

A Temperature-Controlled Concrete Sandwich

Presented By: Dave Kuntz
Description: This presentation will address the challenges a team faced and how the plan was executed to overcome them.

Corniche Kennedy in Marseille: Reparation and Preventive Maintenance

Presented By: Christophe Raulet
Description: The Corniche Kennedy is an illustrious road of the city of Marseille, France. Located along the coastline, this road was created in the 19th century and widened in the 1960s to create a pedestrian balcony above the sea. For several decades, the structure has been subjected to a very aggressive marine environment, causing a lot of damage due mainly to the corrosion of the reinforced concrete. The Infrastructure Department of the Metropole of Aix-Marseille-Provence commissioned the engineers of the Setec Group to carry out the diagnosis and the complete project management for the rehabilitation of the Corniche Kennedy. The rehabilitation works took place between 2018 and 2022 and required the use of modern techniques and innovative materials, such as ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete, cathodic protection by impressed current, and a formulation of concrete selected following a performance approach.

New Winery of the Chateau Haut-Bailly

Presented By: Francois Toutlemonde
Affiliation: Gustave Eiffel University
Description: The renewed winery building for Haut-Bailly, a famous property in Bordeaux vineyard, should preserve the heritage of the existing buildings and combined vineyard/garden scenery of the estate. It should yet efficiently house the vinification, aging, and storage cellars. The spatial approach organizes visitors flowing around a circular vat room that allows for optimized integration of logistical movement. Landscape integration and structural efficiency were ensured with the 38 m span concrete vault which dominates this room at a height of 8.80 m, without posts, and supports a 2400 m2 hanging garden. Concrete was also selected for the thermal efficiency, enabling scenic spaces, sculptural and aesthetical effects of vats, walls and stairs, chemical compatibility with the vine preservation, leading to the highest environmental labels for the project.

Chau Chak Wing Museum, University of Sydney - The Floating Concrete Box

Presented By: Aaron Hughes
Description: Chau Chak Wing Museum at Sydney University - affectionately known as the 'floating concrete box' is an ambitious structure, the feature 10m high post tensioned concrete 'box' walls cantilever on all four sides, up to 13m, which also form the external façade of the building. This presentation will discuss the design and construction challenges that were overcome to meet the engineering requirements and architectural finishes in the structure.

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