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H=Hyatt Regency Dallas; U=Union Station

MINI SESSION: Best Practices for Jointing of Industrial Pavements and Parking Lots

Wednesday, October 26, 2022  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM, H-Cumberland E&F

The jointing plan for a concrete pavement is an integral component to the successful construction of a concrete pavement. Often, this step is not approved by the design engineer or entirely overlooked. This session will provide attendees with an understanding and explanation of the importance and examples for developing a sound jointing plan for concrete pavements.
Learning Objectives:
(1) Illustrate the importance of a properly designed joint plan which aligns with the construction methodology to be used by the contractor;
(2) Discuss the importance of coordination of the pavement joint plan with contractor.
(3) Describe techniques to properly design a pavement joint plan;
(4) Explain the importance of the pre-construction meeting on the success of the pavement construction and techniques to ensure a successful meeting.

This session has been AIA/ICC approved for 1 CEU/PDH credit.

Joint Layout from a Contractor's Perspective

Presented By: Bruce Glaspey
Affiliation: Magruder Concrete Solutions
Description: When pavement joint plans are provided by the design engineer, they oftentimes do not take into consideration challenges faced by the contractor in the construction of the pavement and/or the type of construction methodology to be employed. This presentation will provide a review of common challenges faced by contractors in the field and how a partnership between the design engineer and contractor can lead to the successful construction of concrete pavements.

Proper Design of a Concrete Pavement Joint Plan

Presented By: Christopher Tull
Affiliation: CRT Concrete Consulting
Description: The design and approval of the pavement joint plan is the responsibility of the design engineer. Often, this step is delegated to the contractor to be submitted for review and approval of the design engineer. This presentation will cover proper techniques and provide hints to the designer including where to start, handling channelized versus open pavements, edge and radius details, and others to ensure a joint plan design which can be successfully constructed.

The Importance of the Pre-Construction Planning Meeting on Pavement Joint Performance

Presented By: Bryan Birdwell
Affiliation: Structural Services Incorporated
Description: This presentation will review the importance of the pre-construction planning meeting to the construction process. During this meeting, joint plans should be reviewed, discussed, and agreed upon by both the design engineer and the contractors involved. The presenter will discuss common errors found while conducting joint plan reviews, challenges faced when the joint plan doesn't align with the construction method to be used, and ways that these issues may be overcome.

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