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Innovations in Concrete Technology

Sunday, October 23, 2022  1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, H-Reunion B

To support ACI’s expanding focus on technology and innovation, the CIC collaborates with the concrete community to further innovative solutions for industry-wide challenges, by effectively identifying new technology and helping to nurture and support emerging and mature technologies. The Council also works closely with ACI’s Director of Concrete Technology to create a formal connection between Council work and ACI. The council is comprised of a diverse set of industry representatives - material suppliers, architecture & engineering firms, contractors, academic, owner and regulatory.

The objective is to identify technologies and innovations that are aligned with ACI and industry strategies and help implement their use when appropriate.

Learning Objectives:
(1) Describe the ACI Foundation's Concrete Innovation Council and its mission;
(2) Identify technologies and innovations that are aligned with ACI and the concrete industry;
(3) Discuss how to help adopt and implement innovations;
(4) Report on how industry is conducting research and development on new technologies and innovations.

This session has been AIA/ICC approved for 2 CEU/PDH credits.

Introduction to the Concrete Innovation Council

Presented By: Brian H Green
Affiliation: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Description: This presentation will provide a brief introduction to ACI's Concrete Innovation Council, and how CIC supports expanding focus on technology and innovation in concrete technology.

Carbon Dioxide Mineralization and UltraFAST Solidification: Pathways for Decarbonizing Concrete Construction

Presented By: Gaurav Sant
Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles
Description: Extrusion-based 3D printing with rapidly hardening hybrid ("organic-inorganic") polymeric materials is capable of building almost any conceivable structure. However, concrete, on of the most widely used materials for large-scale structural components is based solely on inorganic compositions. We demonstrate a novel method for controllable-rapid solidification of concentrated mineral suspensions that contain a polymer binder system based on epoxy and thiol precursors as well as one or more mineral fillers. The thermally triggered epoxy-thiol condensation polymerization induces rapid stiffening of hybrid suspensions achieving average stiffening rates up to 1000 Pa/s. We demonstrate control over the activation temperature and curing rate, thereby helping to achieve an adjustable induction period and excellent thermal latency. Based on our learnings, we provide guidelines to create designer compositions of mineral suspensions that utilize thermal triggers to achieve thermal latency and ultrafast stiffening-prerequisite attributs for 3D-manufacturing of topologically-optimized structural components including those that achieve carbon dioxide uitlization during their manufacturing/production.

Construction-Scale 3D-Printed Homes: Shifting the Paradigm

Presented By: Jan Vosahlik
Affiliation: ICON
Description: Over 1 billion people across the planet lack adequate shelter. Conventional home construction is slow, fragmented, wasteful and faces significant challenges due to the ongoing and predicted labor shortages in the construction sectors. In contrast, automated 3D printing with concrete-like materials allows, among others, increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, improved resiliency, and almost complete architectural design freedom. At ICON, we are putting automated robotics and advanced materials in service to humanity. This presentation will discuss what is construction scale 3D printing, the resiliency and durability of concrete-based advanced materials and various real-world case studies of successful projects using this innovative technology to deliver housing at scale.

Innovations in Next Generation UHPC and Sustainable Nanotechnology

Presented By: Larry Rowland
Affiliation: Ceentek North America
Description: Ultra High Performance Concrete is a game changer for innovative infrastructure, building construction and applications where its superior bond strength and tensile performance are an asset. This presentation will describe the fundamental characteristics that make UHPC such a special material and explore best practices for using it in sustainable design. It will also lay out how Next Generation UHPC can deliver on the promise of Net Zero construction.

Testing in Accordance with ICC-ES AC509 for 3D Construction Printing Criteria - and What is Next for 3DCP Materials

Presented By: George Perry
Affiliation: Black Buffalo
Description: 3D Concrete Additive Manufacturing is a rapidly evolving field, with new technologies in Equipment and Materials. Code bodies are being engaged toe nsure that new developments are deployed in a manner consistent with approved building codes and best practices. The International Code Council's ACI509 Standard establishes guidelines and practices for 3D Automated Construction of 3D Concrete Walls. In this talk, we will review how the AC509 code serves to guide and promote the growth of this burgeoning industry.

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