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Architects' Day Session, Part 1 of 2

Tuesday, October 19, 2021  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Our over-arching theme is “The Evolution of Concrete” where we will discuss sustainability, labor trends, and admixture/reinforcement, design and how they overlap and impact each other.
Learning Objectives:
(1) Discuss the evolution of concrete pavement design;
(2) Review the factors that impact the performance of concrete pavement;
(3) Explain new design methods to reduce pavement thickness and maintain pavement performance;
(4) Describe how to perform simple linear elastic design using products designed to increase modulus of rupture in footings, structural slabs on grade, and walls.

This session has been approved by AIA and ICC for 2 PDHs (0.2 CEUs). Please note: You must attend the live session for the entire duration to receive credit. On-demand sessions do not qualify for PDH/CEU credit.

TCP PAVEMENT SYSTEM – Improving Long-Term Performance and Resource Efficiency, while Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership

Presented By: Sherry Sullivan
Affiliation: FORTA Corporation
Description: The evolution of concrete pavement design has progressed significantly in recent years, more specifically with the advent of mechanistic-empirical (ME) pavement design methods. These more sophisticated and accurate design methods consider all factors that influence the performance of the concrete pavement. It is imperative that the designer consider all these factors holistically including design life, truck traffic and frequencies, base support, flexural & residual strengths, aggregate type, pavement thickness, joint spacing, joint stability, curbs or widened lanes, and ambient effects (humidity and temperature). This presentation will discuss a revolutionary design method aimed at reducing thickness without sacrificing concrete performance. Utilizing proven proprietary tools and technologies that optimize pavement designs, the TCP Proprietary Paving System reduces construction and maintenance costs while maximizing performance & service life. This advanced concrete engineering system is now available for industrial pavements & public roads.

Enhancing the Performance of Plain Concrete at Significant Cost Savings

Presented By: Luke Pinkerton
Affiliation: Helix Steel
Description: Structural plain concrete can contain products designed to increase the modulus of rupture. ACI has recently re-constituted a committee 380 that was active in the 1960's (then ACI committee 322) to re-example this area of design (ACI 318-14 Chapter 14). In this talk, we discuss how to apply a simple linear elastic design using these products in footings, structural slabs on grade, and walls. We will also address the limitations of the method and describe how the ASCE-7 performance-based design principles have helped enhance the performance of plain concrete at significant cost savings.

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