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ACI 211.1-22 Guide for Mix Proportioning Highlights

Tuesday, October 25, 2022  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, H-Reunion E

The objective of this session is to go over the changes made in the ACI 211 Guide since its last revision which was 32 years ago. Specifiers, engineers, mix designers, material providers, contractors, and students are highly encouraged to attend this session to learn about these changes.
Learning Objectives:
(1) Demonstrate how to execute performance-based mix proportioning;
(2) Discuss the impact of particle packing and aggregate gradation on mix optimization;
(3) Evaluate recent advancements in chemical admixture technologies and their impact on proportioning;
(4) Recognize an overview of major changes made to the ACI 211 guide.

This session has been AIA/ICC approved for 2 CEU/PDH credits.

An Overview of Changes from ACI 221-1990 to ACI 211-2022

Presented By: Ezgi Wilson
Description: The presentation provides a summary of the changes made to the ACI 211.1 Guide by comparing the recently published document against its previous revision from 1990. The comparison between these two versions will give an overview of the newly introduced parts including the selection process for mix constituents, impact of supplementary cementitious materials on performance and sustainability, recommendations for adjusting estimated water content for various conditions, and mixture proporioning examples incorperating parameters such as cement efficiency and paste volume.

Concrete Mix Proportioning

Presented By: Peter Taylor
Affiliation: National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
Description: The presentation discusses an approach to mixture proportioning that controls the combined aggregate gradation, while using the least amount of cement paste to achieve desired workability and performance characteristics.

Blending Up to 4 Aggregates to Optimize the Gradation and Probable Topics and Potential Speakers

Presented By: Frank A Kozeliski
Affiliation: Kozeliski Consulting LLC
Description: The objective of this presentation is to provide an example of mix proportioning using cement efficiency factors to adjust a mix in use or getting ready to put a new mix into the operation. This presentation could assist in reducing the carbon and make the mix sustainable, if tested properly, in the end.

Changes to ACI 211 from the Chemical Admixtures Aspect

Presented By: Terry Harris
Description: Chemical admixtures are used in almost all concrete mixtures, normal and high density, and admixtures have changed a lot since the last revision to ACI 211.1 in 1999. We will look at those changes and discuss balancing the right amount of water and admixtures when proportioning.

The Applications of Particle Packing to Modern Mix Designs with High Pozzolan Replacement

Presented By: Kevin A Macdonald
Affiliation: Beton Consulting Engineers LLC
Description: One aspect of sustainability is the use of less ground clinker in concrete mixtures. This can be achieved both by reducing the clinker in the binder, but also in reducing the total binder in the mixture. The use of particle packing of aggregate materials can be employed to reduce the void space between the particles, and thereby reduce the quantity of the required paste. Examples of mixture performance in construction will be reviewed.

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