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Use of Flexible Filler in Post-Tensioned Bridges
by Natassia Brenkus, The Ohio State University

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Prestressed Concrete with Conventional and Nonconventional Materials (ACI Fall 2019 Convention, Cincinnati, OH) The use of flexible fillers – greases and waxes – as post-tensioning (PT) tendon filler materials is a new practice to U.S. bridge construction. The use of these materials, in lieu of the more-common cementitious grouts, has implications to construction practices, structural behavior and durability. The Florida Department of Transportation began moving towards the adoption of these materials in select applications in 2014, completing a large research investigation in 2017; follow-up research work is currently underway. The implementation of flexible fillers has progressed into industry, with injections of an approach slab and a bent cap; a training seminar has been developed to educate practitioners and injection personnel. This paper is a summary of efforts to-date. It briefly summarizes the first research effort encompassing proof-of-concept and structural testing conducted to-date, including PT injection mock-ups, flexural static and cyclic testing of members with both internal and external tendons, and fatigue testing of PT tendons in diabolo-type deviators. Recent examples of injections in full-size members will be provided. Lessons learned and changes made to standard grouting practice are highlighted and future work required for the successful implementation of flexible fillers is discussed.

Upcoming Presentation

October 26 - November 1

Evaluation of the Orientation of Concrete Finishing Machines in Skewed Bridges Using Finite Elements
by Brandon Gillis, Faress Hraib, Saint Louis University; Li Hui, Saint Louis University; and Riyadh Hindi, Saint Louis University

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Advanced Analysis and Testing Methods for Concrete Bridge Evaluation and Design (ACI Spring 2019 Convention, Québec City, QC, Canada) The session objective is to present state-of-the-art and emerging technologies for the strength evaluation and design of concrete bridges using advanced computational analysis and load testing methods. The following topics are considered: advanced nonlinear modeling and nonlinear finite element analysis (NLFEA), structural versus element rating, determination of structure specific reliability indexes, load testing beyond the service level, load testing to failure, and use of continuous monitoring for detecting anomalies.

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