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August 19 – 25

Natural Pozzolans as Sustainable Supplementary Cementitious Materials
by Raissa Ferron, University of Texas at Austin

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The Role of Materials in Sustainable Concrete Construction (ACI Fall 2018 Convention, Las Vegas, NV) Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) play a significant role in the sustainability of concrete mixtures, as they can replace a large portion of the cement in concrete while simultaneously improving long-term mechanical performance and durability. The demand for SCMs is increasing, while the supply of some SCMs, notably fly ash, is decreasing in many places. There is increasing interest in natural pozzolans, including igneous and calcined sedimentary minerals, which have a long history of use, increasing availability, and often superior performance to fly ash. This presentation will discuss research on natural pozzolans and their role in developing sustainable concrete mixtures.

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