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90 Minutes: Love It or Lose It?
by G. Terry Harris, GCP Applied Technologies

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Hot Topic Session: Busting 90 Minutes (ACI Fall 2018 Convention, Las Vegas, NV
The 90-minute time limit has been in ASTM C94 since 1935, before any of us were involved with the concrete industry. There’s no clear reason for the inclusion of the 90-minute limit and yet the mention of removing it from the C94 document often creates lengthy discussions. Is it necessary? Does it have significant impact on concrete quality? How does it impact the ready mix producer? How does it impact the contractor?

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June 17 – 23

An Introduction and Overview to ACI 134 Constructability Committee
by Jim Cornell, JN Cornell Associates LLC

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Constructability: From Definition to Industry Practice (ACI Fall 2018 Convention, Las Vegas, NV)
This presentation provides an introduction and overview to the newly formed ACI Committee 134 Concrete Constructability. The main objective for this committee is to share best practices for constructability that may be used in design and construction. How do we disseminate our individual experiences and knowledge to the diverse concrete industry?’ It is thru traditional venues like the Convention Technical Sessions we can share our knowledge with each other and hence develop better construction practices. With the ACI 134 vehicle we will publish in Concrete International short articles of new technology, tools, techniques and problem resolution of our concrete structures.

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